In the media

Comings and Goings: Richard Wexler; Nicole Nevarez

Nicole Nevarez, a Jewish educator, trainer and facilitator, and most recently New York Director for Moving Traditions, has been named Director of B’Kavod, a grassroots, multi-pronged initiative dedicated to ending gender abuse and harassment in the Jewish...

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Contract as Covenant: Reflecting Organizational Values

by Debbie Cosgrove and Jamie Allen Black At the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York (JWFNY), we view all of our activities through both a Jewish and a gender lens and ensure that our work is centered on social change. So when it came time to...

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In our words

A Balancing Act: International Women’s Day

By Natasha Mayer International Women’s Day has been observed since 1911 to celebrate the achievements of women in the social, economic, cultural, and political realms and to call for renewed commitment to improving the status of women worldwide....

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Why Are Women Outnumbered on the Opinion Pages?

In response to a letter from Kimberly Probolus, “A Woman’s Plea: Let’s Raise Our Voices!” in The New York Times, the paper asked readers why they thought men outnumbered women on opinion pages. Here is the response submitted by Jamie Allen Black...

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Changing the Conversation about Mental Health

When Sophie Riegel first began teaching about anxiety, she was in seventh grade. Sophie had experienced bullying because of her obsessive compulsive disorder, so she planned a presentation for her class about what OCD means, and how it impacts...

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