The Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York is a catalyst for gender justice and social innovation. We’ve always been ahead of our time and now we are on a groundbreaking path – creating a platform to support visionary Jewish women who are solving the world’s most intractable challenges.

We invest in the success of changemakers. We help our Collective Members achieve their vision by providing funding, leadership development, hands-on support, and networking opportunities. The Collective will grow each year as transformational leaders are added.

Around the world, these visionary women work on issues inside the Jewish community and beyond such as: immigrant rights, maternal health, civil society, diversity, parental rights, leadership development, famine, poverty, socioeconomic independence, and more.

Donate to help JWFNY continue to provide funding, grants, and strategic foundational support to the Jewish world’s top visionaries. With your help, we can accelerate the positive vision these leaders have for the world. With a minimum annual donation, you can leverage your dollars more than 200 times and participate in choosing new members of The Collective through Visionary Circles of donors. Meetings for Visionary Circles start in January 2018 and occur approximately twice a month for four months.