Ta'amod: Stand Up!

Ta’amod: Stand Up seeks to help Jewish communal institutions and all who work, learn, or worship at them develop cultures of safety, respect, and equity. We offer respectful workplace training through a Jewish lens as well as a robust resource bank of materials and vetted referrals in support of Jewish organizations and congregations. Ta’amod brings this work to the Jewish community with a frame of Jewish values and ethics and an acute understanding of the unique dynamics and needs of the Jewish communal space.

Ta’amod has developed training curriculum specifically targeted for Jewish communal institutions to prevent gender harassment and abuse by creating safe, respectful, equitable Jewish workplace culture. Ta’amod brings this work to the Jewish community in partnership with organizations, congregations, and schools. The new Ta’amod training frames the renowned work of Fran Sepler with Jewish content and guiding principles. Book a new training now for 2020!

We are rapidly building a deep bank of resources around harassment, gender abuse, gender equity, human services and workplace culture. The growing bank provides contact information for local, national, Jewish, and secular organizations, coalitions, consultants, services, web resources, and hotlines. Your referrals help! Please send any suggestions of professionals and resources in your region and beyond to Nicole Nevarez, National Director

Learn more on Ta’amod’s website. Ta’amod is an initiative of JWFNY and The Good People Fund.