Shlomit Bukaya

Executive Director

Association of Ethiopian Jews

Shlomit Bukaya

Shlomit Bukaya (adv.) has been the Executive Director of the Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ) since 2019. Through Shlomit’s leadership, the AEJ scored an impressive civil rights achievement when Israel’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of AEJ’s petition to prevent the Israel police from profiling and requiring a citizen to present ID without reasonable cause.

Previously, Shlomit worked in commercial litigation at Yigal Arnon & Co. one of Israel’s leading law firms. Shlomit chose to make a professional change and, as a current influential public leader of a social activist organization, she utilizes her legal and professional acumen at AEJ, to pursue policy change and social justice.

Shlomit collaborates across sectors and creates strong partnerships to fight systemic discrimination and racism. She leads social change and improves policies and perceptions to advance the quality of life of Ethiopian Israelis that strengthens Israel’s democracy.

Shlomit has served in numerous leadership and mentoring roles including as an IDF Regional Commander for the Yarkon Region and Commander in the IDF Education Corps, and was selected to participate in an overseas delegation as a junior lawyer with the New York Prosecutor’s Office, as well the Rabin leadership program for social entrepreneurship where she represented Israel abroad.

Shlomit is married to Einan and mother to toddlers Guy and Dor.