In response to “‘Pittsburg’ Is Not the Name of a Terror Attack”

Oct 25, 2019

This Sunday, October 27, will mark one year since the terrorist attack on the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. This was the largest loss of life in an antisemitic terrorist attack on US soil ever and sent the entire Jewish community reeling. We are still feeling the sorrow and fear today. But as Jeffrey Finkelstein, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, writes, we cannot refer to this violent attack as “Pittsburgh” or as “Tree of Life.” Doing so minimizes the entirety of Pittsburgh, which has such a diverse and vibrant Jewish community, and ignores the over 150-year legacy of the Tree of Life Congregation, as well as the two other congregations in the building, each of which lost members in the attack. Finkelstein also advises against referring to this one-year marker as an “anniversary,” to avoid giving the impression that this is a positive commemoration. We can’t let a terrorist attack define how we think of Pittsburgh. Read Jeffrey Finkelstein’s full post in the Times of Israel Blog.