On the first Thursday of each month, JWFNY highlights one of our Collective members. We give her a platform to share how her work is addressing intractable problems around the world and to give us opportunities to learn and support her. Check our events page to see upcoming Crown JEWEL Conversations, and watch previous sessions here!

Rabbi Jill Jacobs June 3, 2021

Tania Laden February 4, 2021

Rachel Zaslow December 3, 2020

Miryam Kabakov September 3, 2020

Gabrielle Fondiller July 2, 2020

Evie Litwok May 14, 2020

Susan Weiss, J.D., PhD March 4, 2021

Dr. Mazal Shaul January 7, 2021

Rabbi Benay Lappe October 1, 2020

Lauren Hersh August 6, 2020

Yavilah McCoy June 4, 2020